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Vinyl Liner Pools

A vinyl liner pool has a custom made sheet of vinyl between the water and the pool structure. Vinyl pools are very flexible and cannot crack like a concrete pool. You will never have to repaint or re-plaster a vinyl pool. A vinyl liner makes all surfaces of your pool smooth. A vinyl pool is also less expensive than a fiberglass pool or concrete pool. At Paul W. Lawrence Pool & Patio, we recommend and use vinyl liner pools by Pacific Pools.


Why Chose Vinyl?

  1. Vinyl is affordable. A vinyl-surfaced pool is up to 50% less than a gunite pool.
  2. Vinyl is Beautiful. There is an unlimited choice of colors and patterns available all at the same cost.
  3. A Vinyl surface is easier to maintain. Because a vinyl surface is smooth and non-porus it is much easier to clean than a gunite pool.
  4. Vinyl feels good! Vinyl's smooth, soft, and luxurious feel will seduce you every time.
  5. A Vinyl surface is easier to replace. All pool surfaces eventually need replacing. It costs twice as much to replaster a gunite pool than it does to install a brand new liner...and the down time is only 1-2 days.


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