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30 Years

About Paul Lawrence Pool and Patio

Paul W. Lawrence, Owner

Paul Lawrence Pool and Patio was formed in 1983.  We build and install vinyl liner poolsfiberglass poolsdecksfountains and water features.  We also offer a variety of other construction-related services, including concrete, masonryframing, drywall and complete kitchen and bathroom remodeling.


Pools are a lot of fun, but at Paul Lawrence Pool and Patio, we take pool construction quite seriously.  For more than 30 years, we've served greater Eugene homeowners with a penchant for superior results, and a demand for quality workmanship that goes way beyond your average pool builder.


It's vitally important to us that the job is done right, even if it takes a longer, or cost a little more.  That's because we truly believe:


"Just okay" is NOT okay!


If you want superior results, and a pool you can be proud of, you definitely need to talk to Paul Lawrence Pool and Patio.


Our Products and Services

Take a look below at the products and services offered by Paul W. Lawrence Pool & Patio.


The Origins of Paul Lawrence Pool and Patio

When Paul was young, he noticed how some things were built well, and would last forever, while other things were built poorly, and would invariably start to look bad, or fail completely.  He became especially sensitive to noticing this in construction.  He saw a clear delineation between the "take your time, European craftsmanship" approach versus the more popular "Don't worry about quality, just give it to me now" attitude.


Paul decided at an early age he would forever be on the side of "Take your time and do it right."


The Paul Lawrence Philosophy

Paul's inspiration has led him and his team to be highly detail-oriented.  They will sweat the details, and spend the extra time on craftsmanship and high-end finishes, to produce a result that pleases and impresses everyone.  THAT'S what sets Paul Lawrence Pool and Patio apart from everyone else.


As a result, Paul is simply not interested in "winning every job."  And he's certainly not interested in any "bait and switch"techniques.  His goal is to provide services that match the needs of the homeowner, and ultimately exceed their expectations.  And based on the raving compliments he gets from his clients, he's been a success!


Why people LOVE Paul Lawrence Pool and Patio

  1. LEGACY - Paul Lawrence Pool and Patio has been serving greater Eugene for more than 30 years, which suggests that we are certainly doing SOMETHING right!
  2. DESIGN - Every design is completely custom.  You won't find any "cookie-cutter" pools from Paul Lawrence Pool and Patio.
  3. FAST and EASY - If you want top quality and low maintenance in a big hurry, then you should have a look at the huge number of shapes, sizes and options available with our fiberglass pools.
  4. PATIOS and DECKS - With or without a swimming pool, a quality patio or deck will make a huge difference in the look in enjoyment of your backyard.  That's why "Pools and Patios" Are Part of Our Name.
  5. ONE-STOP CONTRACTOR - You won't need to chase down 5 or more contractors for pools, fences, masonry, remodeling and construction work.  Paul Lawrence Pool and Patio does it all.
  6. ONE-ON-ONE ATTENTION - We’re not a "high-volume" builder that's cranking out dozens of jobs for "no-name" homeowners every week.  We’re a true craftsmanship operation that takes on a limited number of jobs at a time.  That gives our owner, Paul Lawrence, the opportunity to spend personal time on EVERY job.  And YOU'LL get the opportunity to SEE it on our past projects, BEFORE you buy from us.
  7. ENERGY-EFFICIENT EQUIPMENT - We combine our "old world craftsmanship" with "cutting-edge technology" to save you both time and energy in the maintenance and operation of your pool.  You'll see this with our variable speed pumps, our LED lighting, our energy-efficient heat pumps, our intelligent approach to plumbing, and much more.
  8. SOLAR HEATING - We're one of the few companies around who will also install a solar pool water heating system as part of your project.  That saves you money and energy, and gives you several extra months of swimming time every year.
  9. NO-PRESSURE SALES PHILOSOPHY - You won't ever get any sales pressure from Paul Lawrence Pool and Patio.  Our goal is to match our services to your needs.  So you'll get nothing but straightforward and honest conversations with Paul.  And if it turns out we're not a good match for each other, that's okay – we can still be friends.


  10. KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERTISE - One thing you'll hear over and over again from our clients is how KNOWLEDGEABLE and INFORMATIVE we are.  We know that you can't possibly make the best decision possible if you don't have all the right information.  So we will take the extra time to explain all the options, AND we will explain it in PLAIN ENGLISH, so that you'll know exactly what we're talking about, and can decide what's going to be best for you.


If you'd like to have a one-on-one conversation with Paul Lawrence Pool and Patio, just give us a call at (541) 342-7511, or contact us through our online web form.